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Turn your shore excursion from Koper into an unforgettable day in Slovenia, discovering its natural and cultural beauty at an affordable price.

Hey! I'm Simona, the Manager of Shore Excursions Koper.

A cruise is such a wonderful experience. You get to experience life at sea while still enjoying the luxury of a hotel. And you have the opportunity to visit many different countries in a short period. What is there to not like?

Perhaps one thing. Stopping at a port for a day, or even less, is not perfect for really experiencing a country as one should.

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Cruises seem like a perfect vacation

Yes, you set foot in Slovenia. But did you really get to see the country if you saw only the town you landed in and not much else? Probably not.

Our mission is to change this!

We founded our company to make shore excursions in Slovenia something every cruise passenger will look forward to. Our main goal is to have our customers experience as much of Slovenia as possible in a limited time and at an affordable price.

At the end of their cruise, they should be able to proudly say that they’ve been to Slovenia!

Discover Slovenia from Koper

There aren’t many other countries in Europe that you can explore to that extent on a one-day shore excursion. Slovenia is a small country, but it packs so much diversity that a day of experience here is like a week somewhere else. From the Mediterranean to the Alps, everything is in reach for a shore excursion from Koper.

When stopping in a port on a cruise, you are usually confined to that town and its surroundings. When stopping in Koper, discovering Slovenia is just a short drive away. And that is one of our goals, to show you that Koper can be your favourite port of call on everyone’s cruises.

Slovenia with locals

Who could tell you what to see in Slovenia better than a local? A local who is also a professional guide! Our team is full of seasoned travellers that like to share the wonders of Slovenia with our customers. Born and raised here, they know every corner of it, giving you a chance to experience our culture, admire our nature, and try some excellent local cuisine.

Our guides love meeting new people from all around the world and showing them the hospitality of Slovenians.

And because travelling is not only their job but also a hobby, they will show you both the top attractions and some hidden gems without crowds of tourists. Spice that up with some history and a brief dive into the local life, and you got yourself a perfect shore excursion.

If you haven’t already, check out our selection of top shore excursions from Koper. If you are not sure yet about what to choose, contact us. And no need to hesitate — Slovenia doesn’t disappoint.

Ready for the time of your life?

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Fully experience your day in Slovenia on one of our shore excursions from Koper, visiting some of the top highlights and uncovering hidden gems.
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