Koper to Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle

A day trip to the world-famous Postojna Cave where you can find the mysterious baby dragon, and visit the largest cave castle in the world, the Predjama Castle.

~ 6 hours
139€ / Person
Every day
  • Explore the magical underground world of the Postojna cave
  • Take a ride on the oldest underground railway in the world
  • Visit the largest cave castle in the world
  • Discover the secret tunnels used by Erazem of Predjama

Included in price

English speaking guide
Comfortable Transportation
All parking fees and toll charges
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extra charge light
Predjama Castle entrance fee
extra charge light
Postojna Cave entrance fee
extra charge light
Pickup / drop-off at your location in Koper
extra charge light
All parking fees and toll charges

Important for the tour

  • Difficulty: Moderate (1.5km walking through Postojna Cave + around 200 steps in Predjama Castle)
  • The temperature in the cave is 10C, so make sure you are dressed properly
  • Snacks and beverages are not included
  • Shared group trip of max 8 people
  • Private tour available with extra charge
  • Minimum number of guests applies
  • The trip is conducted in English, Spanish guide available with extra charge


Time What we will do
8.30 am Departure from Koper
10.00-11.30 am Postojna Cave
12.00-1.00 pm Predjama castle
2.00 pm Return to Koper

The first stop on our day trip will be the Postojna Cave, the most famous Karst cave in Slovenia and get the chance to see its world-famous “baby dragon”.

It starts with a train ride on the world’s first railway in an underground cave. It will take you deeper the cave, where you will hop off and continue on foot. You will be able to explore the magical underground world of stalactites and stalagmites, walking through fairytale-like halls, the oldest underground post office in the world, and more.

But something even more interesting is waiting for you in the caves … a dragon!

Oh, maybe not a real dragon, but the legends call it a “baby dragon”. Its real name is olm, but people also call it a “human fish” because of its skin-like colour. It’s an aquatic salamander that lives in the Postojna cave and is the largest cave animal in the world that can live without food for up to 10 years. As it is blind, it won’t be able to see you, but hopefully, you are lucky and able to see them.

After emerging from the underground of the Postojna Cave, we will take a short drive to the Predjama Castle, the largest cave castle in the world.

This castle stands in the middle of a 123-metre high cliff and is more than 800 years old. The rebellious robber knight Erazem of Predjama lived here, where he was able to resist the imperial siege for over a year. There is also a large network of secret tunnels behind the castle, connecting with the cave below it.

Come and discover the castle’s secrets with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am traveling alone, how can I book my trip?

The process is the same — Contact us and we will find you a group to go on the trip with. It’s also much easier if you have some flexibility in your travel dates, so let us know. And if you wish, we can also arrange a private shore excursion for you..

Where is the pickup point of the excursions?

The pickup point for our trips is at the Koper Port, but if you want us to pick you up at a different location, we can arrange that for an additional charge of 9€ per booking. Because the drivers will be driving between multiple pick-up locations, there is a possibility of being late up to 20 minutes. We will try to be as on time as possible, but we kindly ask you to be patient.

What clothes should I wear for the trip? Do I have to bring anything extra?

Your clothes should reflect the season and the daily forecasted weather. That’s why you should check the forecast one day before, and take clothes accordingly. For trips closer to the Alps, remember to take an extra layer of clothing, because the temperatures and the weather can change much quicker than elsewhere. In caves, the temperature is constant throughout the year, around 10 degrees celsius at most, so take warmer clothes if you are going there in summer.

Is lunch in a restaurant scheduled as part of the excursion, or do I have to bring my own food?

Yes, mostly we have a time slot free to stop at a nearby local restaurant for lunch. But of course, if you prefer, pack some food with you and you can eat whenever and wherever you want. That might save some time, so you can then do more sightseeing on the excursion.

Are there any restaurants for those with food restrictions?

In general, yes. But it depends on the severity of your restrictions. Vegetarians can find something almost everywhere, but vegans and others can find it difficult, especially in rural areas and smaller towns. It is best to call in advance and check if they are able to accommodate you.

How fit do I need to be?

Most trips are fairly easy and can also be adapted to your level of fitness. For specific answers about certain trips, note their difficulty level and check the trip-specific FAQ.

What do “extras” mean?

There are many different things to do at every destination you’ll visit during our trips. Because not all are possible to do in one go, we decided to give you the option of choosing between them, listing them as extras. For example, on a trip to Lake Bled, you can choose to visit the Bled Castle, go for a traditional “pletna” boat ride to the church island, or just take a scenic walk along the lake. You can choose the activities beforehand, so we contact the local provider and book your spot. Everyone has a chance to enjoy their shore excursion in their own unique way and love it.

I am traveling on a short budget and cannot afford the extras. Is the trip still worth it?

Of course! Even if you find the entrance tickets to certain places too expensive, our guides will make sure you’ll leave our trip fully satisfied. Slovenia is full of options, and a lot of them are hidden to the foreigner. That’s why our guides can always recommend some hidden spots and beautiful viewpoints, or different interesting activities you can do for free. Not only that it’s gonna be cheaper, you’ll also probably have much more space for yourself, without any other tourists.

Can I have some alone time?

Our goal is to accommodate every type of traveler. That’s why there’s always time for you to explore on your own, or just chill at some beautiful spot the guide can recommend to you. There are no limitations if it doesn’t interfere with being on time when we have the guide that wants you to regroup. On our shore excursions, everyone can have their own exciting adventure.

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